Exercise for Thumb Range of Motion

Thumb Exercises

All exercises should be done slowly and smoothly. Maintain the desired position for 3-5 second before relaxing.

Perform     _____  repetitions   _____  x day





Thumb Flexion

Place the small finger side of your hand on the table so that the thumb points up.
Flex (bend) the thumb across the palm toward your small finger, Be sure to bend both joints.
Return to the staring position, making sure both joints are straight.




Palmar Abduction

Place the dorsum (back) of the hand flat on the table with the thumb resting in the palm.
Raise the thumb (abduction) towards the ceiling.








Tip Pinch

Touch the tip of your thumb to the tip of each finger. 








IP Joint Blocking

With your opposite hand, grasp and stabilize the affected thumb at the base, just below the end (IP) joint.
Flex (bend) and extend (straighten) the thumb at the IP (end) joint only.