The Day Prior to Surgery

On the working day prior to surgery the facility where you are having surgery will call you to confirm the time of your surgery and make sure there are no changes (Usually in the afternoon). We do our best to keep changes to a minimum but emergencies and illness do occur. Remove all jewelry (including rings) from both hands and ears, as well as nail polish from both index fingers.

Ambulatory surgery patients who are having anything more than local anesthesia must have someone must drive you home. Going home alone in a taxi is not acceptable (See Day of Surgery).

You may eat solid foods until midnight on the night before your surgery. If you are having any anesthesia besides straight local anesthesia (no sedation whatsoever) you should not have anything to eat or drink after midnight unless you are specifically instructed by the facility where you are having surgery  No alcohol is allowed. You will be able to take many of your regular medications on the morning of surgery but please check with office at the facility where your surgery will be preformed