Thumb CMC

CMC Arthritis / Instability

If you have arthritis, the joint at the base of the thumb (CMC joint) is wearing out. If you have instability the joint is too loose and slips and slides. Both conditions cause pain in your thumb, especially when pinching or grasping.

A properly fitted splint will support your thumb and protect it. This will reduce your pain. It should be worn for all activities that hurt. Wearing it while you sleep is not required but many people report that it is helpful.


 Soft Thumb Support
Arthritic-CMC-Thumb Brace Co


Custom Rigid
Hand based splint


Custom Rigid
Long Opponens Splint


Helpful Hints For Common Activities That Cause Pain



Writing: Use a "fat pen" that glides easily, such as a Pilot Explorer pen. Rubber bands around the pen or a built up
pen will help a lot. Do not hold the pen tightly or bear down when writing. This increases the force on your thumb. Try to use a gentle light touch when writing.




Scissors: Fiskar light touch scissors take the strain of using scissors off of your thumb. They take a little time to get used to, but can help a lot they are available in many fabric or specialty kitchen stores. Call ahead to check. 





Kitchen tools: "Good Grips" by Oxo® are great. We recommend the peeler, paring knife and jar opener. They are
available in many kitchen specialty stores.





Key turners can be very helpful to take the stress off of the thumb. 




Living Better with Arthritis catalog can be helpful. Call 800-654-0707 for their free catalog.

Overall, it is best to use lightweight, large, non-slip handles. Also, holding objects with your palm will reduce the strain on your thumb.