Exercise for Intrinsic Muscles

Intrinsic Exercises

All exercises should be done slowly and smoothly. Maintain the desired position for 3-5 second before relaxing.

Perform     _____  repetitions   _____  x day


Table Top

Start with the fingers completely straight.
Make a tabletop by bending at the MP joint (big knuckle) only. Keep the end joints straight.






Hook Fist

Start with the fingers completely straight.
Keep the MP joint (big knuckle) extended (straight) and flex (bend) the middle (PIP) and end (DIP)joints.






Composite Flexion

 1-Hook Fist- With the fingers extended (straight) actively flex (bend) the end and middle joint as much as possible.

2-Full Fist- Make a full fist bending all joints as much as possible.





Place the hand flat on a table.
Abduct (spread) the fingers & thumb apart.
Then bring them together (adduct)